The Overwhelming Response Of Mayurakshi



The life of an actor may appear to be very glamorous to the outside world but only an actor is aware of the true reality that goes on behind the veil of glamour. I can say that the glamorous side of our lives is just a façade to cover up our days and nights of hard work that we put into our films. For any actor, the success of his film is of immense importance. After all, it is our films and the various characters we play that define how capable and versatile we are as an actor. In my entire acting career up till now, I have played numerous different roles which have helped me to reinvent myself as an actor over the years. To play challenging roles and be a part of unique storylines has always been my main appetite. Since the time, I was approached by Atanu Ghosh for the film Mayurakshi I knew that the story had some spark in it. After all, a movie such as Mayurakshi is not made very often.

My film Mayurakshi hit the big screens just a week back on 29th December and since, it’s release it has received an overwhelming response from all over. I was baffled to see the crowd that gathered at the premier of Mayurakshi which was held at Nandan. I indeed take pride in saying that people of all ages loved and appreciated the movie. I was happy to see that people could actually relate to the movie. The tale of bond between a father and his son is something that everyone can relate to. For an actor, there’s nothing more rewarding than to witness his film getting appreciated and loved by all. It’s been almost one week that my film Mayurakshi has been released and with God’s grace it’s running successfully everywhere. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have got the news that Mayurakshi is running house full almost in every cinema hall. The kind of response Mayurakshi is receiving I, believe that it will go a long way. We, the entire team of Mayurakshi have put in a lot of hard work in the making of the film. It is good to see that all our hard work has finally bear fruits. I am sincerely thankful to each one of you for the love and support that you have showered on my film Mayurakshi.

Love you all.



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