To A Happy Beginning And A Fresh New Start

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”              – Oprah Winfrey

Every finishing year marks the beginning of a new start that open the doors to new hopes and new opportunities. A new year is like a blank book of 365 pages and it depends on us that how well we write it. As the year 2017 comes to an end, I can say that another great chapter of my life met it’s glorious end.

The year 2017 has given me numerous moments that I cherish very deeply in my heart. Being an actor, I am always surrounded with the deep urge to work with great minds and talents of the industry and be associated with good cinema. Fortunately, the passing year has blessed me with all of this. For an actor, every day of the year is like a new opportunity to be grabbed, a new challenge to be conquered and a new chance to get it right. Now, that I am heading towards the beginning of a new chapter of my life I intend to make it a great one.

With the approach of the New Year, approaches the tradition of keeping resolutions. According to me, New Year resolutions are rules that we inflict on us. But rules, as they say are meant to be broken and thereby resolutions are meant to be broken too. Therefore, this year for me there’s no resolution except for the desire to work even harder than before. My constant urge to deliver good films is what keeps me going and this will continue to be the same even in the coming years of my life. Just the way I look forward to make this year a good and successful one, I would advice all of you to do the same. Work so hard that you can stain yourself with success. Remember, that a whole new journey awaits you, make sure that you embrace it.

Here wishing all of you a very happy and a prosperous New Year ahead. God Bless.

Love you all!



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