A Little About My Hobbies

It is said that a life without hobby is like food without salt. But for people like us we just have to adjust with the unbalanced taste of life. Hobby is something that we find pleasure in doing in our leisure time. It is something in which we find our happiness in. But when it comes to us actors we hardly have any time for hobbies. Every day of our lives is like a schedule which demands to be followed. Our day starts with work and ends with work. When you lead a life like this you have no other option but to treat your profession as your only hobby. There is no doubt that I love my profession but there have been certain moments in my life where I have thought about the alternative as well that what would I have been doing today if I were not Prosenjit Chatterjee the actor. Stardom has given me more than I ever wanted but as they say everything comes with a price and so did stardom. It costs me my personal time.

Speaking of hobbies, the rare occasions of my life where I get some free time I love to watch movies. Obviously, not the ones I acted in but movies of different genres with a good storyline. Watching movies have always been my favorite pastime. Whether you call it a hobby or addiction, I love to watch movies and especially while travelling. If given a choice I could actually finish watching 5 to 10 movies back to back without getting tired. The fact that I am an actor and making movies is my profession I have a natural inclination towards it. But the funny part is that I have acted in more than 300 movies up till now and I haven’t watched even a single one of them yet. Speaking of movies I prefer watching movies of different origin starting from Bengali to English to Tamil. Also, I have a special soft corner for movies directed by prominent directors of the Bengali industry such as Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen and Ritwik Ghatak. Movies such as these not only serves as a good entertainment but it also helps me to work on my skills and better myself.

After movies, if anything is closer to my heart then it would be adda sessions with my close ones where there is no discussion about work. I enjoy speaking my heart out especially when I am in a jolly mood. I don’t know if this would be termed as a hobby but I love discussing things without any agenda. But sadly, I hardly get any time for a good adda session. Other than sharing my thoughts with others I also like preserving it in the yellow pages of my diary. More than a hobby, you can call it a habit that I have developed over the years. According to me writing down your thoughts helps you clear your mind and also allow you to express yourself better which you may not be able to do in open.

Leaving aside the pages of my diary, the one thing that I cannot do without is going to gym. It is not hidden that keeping yourself fit is of utmost importance when you are into this field. Truth be told, once you start seeing the results, it automatically becomes an addiction. No matter what my schedule is I always try to squeeze in some gym time in my daily routine. It not only keeps me fit but also refreshes my mind. Also, when you have friendly trainers to guide you, you start liking it even more. So, you can say that going to gym is yet another hobby of mine that I like to harbour. Apart from all this I also like to enjoy some good music during my free time. Some soothing lyrics with a melodious tune never fail to refresh my mind during my free time. I generally prefer sweet Bengali music but I don’t mind listening to other genres as well. Infact I am comfortable with anything as long as it pleases my ear drums. Well, that pretty much sums it up for me. It’s my advice to you all especially to the younger generation that harbouring hobbies is a good thing as it helps to nurture the unexplored side of your capabilities. No matter how busy you are always manage to take out some time for yourself. Make your hobby a habit.

Love you all.



The Overwhelming Response Of Mayurakshi



The life of an actor may appear to be very glamorous to the outside world but only an actor is aware of the true reality that goes on behind the veil of glamour. I can say that the glamorous side of our lives is just a façade to cover up our days and nights of hard work that we put into our films. For any actor, the success of his film is of immense importance. After all, it is our films and the various characters we play that define how capable and versatile we are as an actor. In my entire acting career up till now, I have played numerous different roles which have helped me to reinvent myself as an actor over the years. To play challenging roles and be a part of unique storylines has always been my main appetite. Since the time, I was approached by Atanu Ghosh for the film Mayurakshi I knew that the story had some spark in it. After all, a movie such as Mayurakshi is not made very often.

My film Mayurakshi hit the big screens just a week back on 29th December and since, it’s release it has received an overwhelming response from all over. I was baffled to see the crowd that gathered at the premier of Mayurakshi which was held at Nandan. I indeed take pride in saying that people of all ages loved and appreciated the movie. I was happy to see that people could actually relate to the movie. The tale of bond between a father and his son is something that everyone can relate to. For an actor, there’s nothing more rewarding than to witness his film getting appreciated and loved by all. It’s been almost one week that my film Mayurakshi has been released and with God’s grace it’s running successfully everywhere. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have got the news that Mayurakshi is running house full almost in every cinema hall. The kind of response Mayurakshi is receiving I, believe that it will go a long way. We, the entire team of Mayurakshi have put in a lot of hard work in the making of the film. It is good to see that all our hard work has finally bear fruits. I am sincerely thankful to each one of you for the love and support that you have showered on my film Mayurakshi.

Love you all.


To A Happy Beginning And A Fresh New Start

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”              – Oprah Winfrey

Every finishing year marks the beginning of a new start that open the doors to new hopes and new opportunities. A new year is like a blank book of 365 pages and it depends on us that how well we write it. As the year 2017 comes to an end, I can say that another great chapter of my life met it’s glorious end.

The year 2017 has given me numerous moments that I cherish very deeply in my heart. Being an actor, I am always surrounded with the deep urge to work with great minds and talents of the industry and be associated with good cinema. Fortunately, the passing year has blessed me with all of this. For an actor, every day of the year is like a new opportunity to be grabbed, a new challenge to be conquered and a new chance to get it right. Now, that I am heading towards the beginning of a new chapter of my life I intend to make it a great one.

With the approach of the New Year, approaches the tradition of keeping resolutions. According to me, New Year resolutions are rules that we inflict on us. But rules, as they say are meant to be broken and thereby resolutions are meant to be broken too. Therefore, this year for me there’s no resolution except for the desire to work even harder than before. My constant urge to deliver good films is what keeps me going and this will continue to be the same even in the coming years of my life. Just the way I look forward to make this year a good and successful one, I would advice all of you to do the same. Work so hard that you can stain yourself with success. Remember, that a whole new journey awaits you, make sure that you embrace it.

Here wishing all of you a very happy and a prosperous New Year ahead. God Bless.

Love you all!