Mayurakshi: Re-Defining The Bond Between A Father And Son

“No love is greater than that of a father for his son.”

– Dan Brown

A good script, a great director and understanding co-actors to work with are the three main ingredients that every actor looks for in his film. Together these ingredients backed by hard work are what decide the performance of a film. Fortunately, my film Mayurakshi which is going to be released today has blessed me with all of these.

Mayurakshi is a film which is very close to my heart. It was great to be a part of a team directed by Atanu Ghose who is one of the best directors of his time. It is been quite long that I have yearned to work with him and my wish was finally granted with Mayurakshi. I also consider myself to be extremely blessed to have got the chance to work with one of the evergreen actor’s of the industry Soumitra kaku. Working with a legend such as Soumitra Chatterjee is always a great learning experience. An actor like him who has served this industry over decades with numerous great films is no less than an institution of knowledge himself. I may have been a part of this industry for a long time now but, I still feel that there is so much to know and learn from him. I indeed had a great time on the sets of Mayurakshi working with him which I can hardly comprehend in words.

For any actor, showcasing his skills is a very important thing. It is through films such as Mayurakshi that one can explore the different dimensions of his talent. For me Mayurakshi is not just a film, it’s a reflection of the truth of life. It is an emotional tale of an 84 year old father and his middle aged NRI son who lives in USA away from the soul who helped him shaped his life. The film narrates the strong bonding of love shared between a father and his son and how this bond is affected by the choice of our life. I am very sure that many of you will connect to this film at a personal level.

After a long wait, the day has finally arrived for Mayurakshi to hit the cinemas. As I write this, I can feel a sense of nervousness running up and down my spine. Although it’s been 34 years that I have been in this profession and have acted in more than 300 films but, even till this day I feel the same amount of nervousness that I felt 34 years back when my first film was about to release. But, I guess a little nervousness is always a good omen. For me Mayurakshi is the most important film of my life and therefore, I have a lot of expectations from it. I would request all of you to witness this eternal bond of an undeniable relation because as we all know films such as these are rarely made.

Thank you everyone for always supporting me in my ventures. Love you all!



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