When I started writing here, my aim was to stay connected to my fans directly and so am going to  present a side of mine which is a bit personal and also unknown to many. Today I am going to talk to you all about a favorite pastime of mine which I am sure shall come as a surprise to many of you. It is a very personal hobby which still interests me and I take out time from my schedule whenever I can in order to attend to it. Actually, I can take the liberty of introducing myself as a horticulturist if the need arises but to keep things simple, shall say that Gardening is a hobby of mine.

It all started when I was gifted a small rose sapling by someone. I had it put in a small pot and used to water it on and off but that was it. One day I saw that it had withered away and all my efforts could not revive it. Somehow, I felt very guilty about the whole episode and bought home a couple of saplings of different flowers and meticulously started watering them and watching them every day. Nothing much changed in the initial days but I kept up with my routine. Then one fine morning after getting out of bed I saw a small rose had bloomed in one of the pots. I just cannot describe the joy I had felt at that point in time. It was just a little bud but seeing that in front of my eyes was a moment I still have not forgotten. I literally brought every member of the house to see it and that day no one at my shooting unit was spared until they had heard the story of my rose plant and me. The director whose film I was shooting then was so much impressed that he gave me as many tips as possible as far as home gardening was concerned.

Well, what started off as an accident has now grown into a personal hobby and my collection of plants over the years has grown to include Zinnias, Petunias, Daffodils, Geraniums and Jasmines amongst others. It is such a lovely sight to watch them in full bloom in all their splendid colors. Now – a – days I don’t even have to make an effort to attend to them, it comes automatically to me. Watering them, giving them the right fertilizer, allocating their positions so that they receive the appropriate amount of sunlight etc is something I am quite conversant with. I also have a couple of bonsai’s amongst my collection. The latest thing to have caught my fancy is breeding flowers in order to create a hybrid. I have tried and have not been quite successful as of yet but I still have not given up hope of feeling the joy of seeing a unique creation of mine someday.

Gardening as a hobby is actually food for the soul and makes me feel happy from within. It actually helps me in releasing stress and I am at peace when I am in my little garden. Who knows this hobby may grow much bigger and one day I just might be a full-fledged organic farmer. Life, really is full of its little surprises.

Love you all.




  1. It seems the quote “everything happens for a reason” is quite applicable in this case. An accident triggered something in you and then you became a gardener. May be the accident had to happen…

    And, gardening indeed is a soul enriching hobby.

    Happy blogging, Sir 🙂

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