Self defense is nature’s eldest law. – John Dryden.

I believe in the age old dictum that a healthy body bears a healthy mind and it is our first duty that we are capable enough to protect our body from any unhealthy intrusion. We are alive as long as there is life in our limbs and taking care of that life becomes not only our foremost right but also our fundamental duty towards ourselves.

Being a family man and also having a young child there have been times when I have worried about his physical well being. I may be there to protect him now but there will surely come a time when he will have to venture out on his own in this world. The world as we all know is cruel in its own way and there shall surely be no favors granted to him and he shall have to make his own path. I am ok with him having to work hard to find his place under the sun, but I get disturbed when I think if he were to face any untoward situation and these are the feelings and fears which every normal father has. These are the times when I strongly feel that a mandatory course on self defense training should be made compulsory as a part of every school curriculum especially in junior/middle school level. These courses may include training in Karate, Taekwondo or Jiu jitsu and also the trainees should be taught how to apply these in real life situations. It is no use being trained in self defense if someone is unable to apply the same when faced with an inappropriate situation. The real life scenario is all the more grave for girls who are actually more vulnerable to face physical violence at home and outside. It is on a regular basis that we come across incidents of women facing abuse in the newspapers and the statistics only reflect a very minor portion of the incidents that happen as majority of the cases go unreported. Hence a proper course in self defense would do them a world of good and make them more confident about their own selves. This is the least we can do so as to make our girls self – reliant.

Having played the character of a Hero in many films I have fought many a time with the so called Bad man onscreen. But enacting a character on screen is very different than what happens in real life. The harsh realities of life are a grim reminder of the fact that we should prepare our younger generation in every possible way so that they can face every challenge that life has to offer and if they are well prepared to protect themselves, then only will they be able to protect others. Today, I end by bringing in front of you a favorite quote of mine by Ronald Reagan who said “Self defense is not only our right; it is our duty.”

Love you all.!!




  1. Exactly!!! I have put my 7 years old daughter to Karate class since July 2017. But the logic given by my 9 years old son to not to join Karate class has left me speechless. He told me,”At this age of guns and missiles why should I learn Karate??? Anyone can hit me from a distance with a gun.” I have put him in Tabla class to calm his mind.

  2. Dear Prosenjit,
    Not sure if you have had time to read any of my previous comments on your blog posts.
    I have been reading a few of your blog posts in the mean time. Something is bothering me. You obviously are very respectful of the Bengali language. That is portrayed in your personality. There’s no doubt about that. However, this is not reflected in your blog posts.
    You have mentioned that the main reason of having a blog is to reach out to your fans/the public, to help them understand the real you. Yet again, these blogs don’t quite seem that way.
    They are well written, no doubt about that, but, there’s something missing in them……a lack of passion maybe? It doesn’t reflect your true feelings, it’s not quite there. I don’t know what it is, maybe because all these are written in English, maybe you have religiously attempted to write a post every month, which doesn’t seem spontaneous.
    Hardly anyone has left any comments, which again sort of supports my thoughts.
    Please don’t take this as a criticism; it’s anything but that.
    It would indeed be nice to get a glimpse of your true, domestic self, likes and dislikes, spontaneous thoughts which can grip you so intensely at times that you want to talk/write about it without the constraints of day/time/month. Regards

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