Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius.

I have had the rare privilege of being in a profession which I immensely love. I am aware that everybody is not so lucky and have to thank circumstances and opportunities that led me on to this path. Yet, an actor’s life is full of struggle, hard work and luck which is decided by the Friday verdict at the box office.

During the early phase of my career, I had to put in a lot of hard work to find my place in Tollywood. I worked multiple shifts, often stretching till late into the night while also reporting early morning the next day for the morning shoot. The mind used to get drained along with the tiredness of the body but in those days all that kept me going was – “If hard work is your weapon, success will be your slave.” Thankfully, I didn’t lose my focus and was rewarded with super duper hits like Amarsangi, Biyer Phool, Sindur Khela etc which were followed by Autograph, Moner Manush and Jaatishwar much later on.

One thing that I tried from the very early days of my career was to segregate my work life from the personal space that I share at my home front. In the initial days of my career as an actor my mother and  sister were the ones I turned to after arriving from shoot. It was a stress buster to talk to them about the happenings of the day. In due course of time, I had a family of my own and soon enough, my wife Arpita and son Mishuk became the rocks of my life. It was a lovely experience watching my son grow in front of me and like any other Father, I take pride in his achievements. Having said all these, I have to admit that I would have been much happier if I could have spent more time in their company, in spite of my busy schedule. Also it shall be very much fair to say that, had my family not given me this much space and understood my constraints I could not have pursued my career with so much focus and dedication. So they truly deserve their place under the sun in my share of success.

Stardom, actually is easier to get but difficult to maintain. In order to maintain my position I have relentlessly tried to be resolute in being true to my craft, which has held me in good stead in my professional area. Also, I truly believe that a family is the backbone of an individual and one should not neglect it for the sake of one’s career. Having said that, I am also guilty of the same and would have liked it better if my report card would have been slightly better in this respect.

I shall end by saying that make sure you have a healthy career but at the same time make out time for your personal life as your career is only a part of your life and there are many other parts which deserve due attention.

Love you all. !!



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