SHANKHACHIL — Gets Zee Cine and Filmfare awards



People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards. – Dale Carnegie.

An actor’s life is actually not an easy one. It looks very glamorous to the outside viewer who looks at things from his perspective, but those who have chosen acting as their profession, can only understand the innumerable factors that go into being a success in this field. Primarily we are dependent on getting a good script, backed by a great team and after ensuring that the execution goes as per plan during the production process, have to wait for the audience reaction which is the barometer of a film’s performance. So, after the completion of this entire cycle when a film does good business it makes me very happy but when a film gets noticed and is rewarded by the public, it just gladdens my heart.

Shankhachil, was a movie which was close to my heart. It was great to be a part of a team where Goutam Ghose was at the helm. We all know that many people have faced hardships because of the result of partition. Innumerable families were displaced and many lost their homes. The political situation of those times have found mention in the works of many scholars. It is the human angle that is explored in this film through the eyes of a family which crosses over from the present day Bangladesh side to the Indian side in order to pursue the treatment of their daughter. The circumstances which follow quite efficiently bring out the nuances which constitute human behavior. The visual imagery captured is excellent and the Ichamati river as portrayed signifies a geographical as well as a human divide. The performance of all my co-artists has been excellent, to say the least and the music of the film brings out the Bengali flavor which is the binding element in the entire film.

It was thus a matter of great pride that yours truly was selected for the Filmfare Award 2017 for Best Actor – Bengali and Best Bangla Actor (Male) at the Zee Cine Awards 2017 for Shankhachil. These awards completed a full circle for me as the film was appreciated by many and getting these awards were the icing on the cake. It gives me reason to believe that I am following the right path as far as selection of roles is concerned and the types of films I believe in. Also, it justifies my immense faith in the audience which has always appreciated good cinema. Lastly, these awards act as an impetus and motivates me to perform better in the assignments I take up in the future so that I don’t disappoint someone who spends his hard earned rupee and enters a cinema hall hoping to be entertained by my performance.

Love you all. !!



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