An Adda session with Soumitra Kaku



An actor whom I have admired over the years and consider an inspiration has been Soumitra kaku. Our bonding over the years has led to many adda sessions and it was during one such session that we had explored the idea of having an Artist’s forum for the betterment of the artists working in the industry. It is no mean feat that our Bengali film industry has been the provider of many livelihoods and many families derive their sustenance from the movies being made and the entire supply chain that is associated with it. Also, it has been observed, that there are times when a senior actor who has fallen on hard times does not find any resource to fall back upon. So is the case with the technicians who when deprived of work have to face real hardships to run their family. There have been instances when I have done my bit to reach out to those in need, but there has to be an association where everybody associated with Tollywood needs to come together and join hands to ensure that we can help others when needed.

Tollywood, has produced many glorious films but one area over which Soumitra Kaku and myself had many discussions was the difference in the films being made in our times and the ones which were made during his days as a lead actor. We had dissected the works of the leading directors of his times and dwelt on the scripts that were used in those days. It is no doubt that we have made rapid advances in technology, there has been a massive increase in the budget of the films, the marketing and distribution of films has become more organised and scripts have now started to play a pivotal role in cinema. There has been all round improvement, but still the essence that the old films carry have been very difficult to replicate. It is no doubt that music played a very key role in the films of those days and there were legends like Geeta Dutt, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay and Manna Dey amongst others whose melodious voices still linger on. But I shall not be doing justice if I do not acknowledge the contribution made by artists of my generation in taking forward their heritage and improving upon it the best way we can.

The Bengali Film Industry has always been a strong one, it is true that we have had our share of struggle but it is also true that we have survived and prospered, courtesy the love and affection of the fans who have consistently demonstrated their love for good cinema.

Love to you all. !!



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