An actor acts – the audience watches.  An actor is nothing without an audience.

In my career as an actor, I have experienced many highs, lows, successes and failures. As you all know, I had to struggle very hard during my initial days. Those days have left an indelible imprint on my life and I try my best to be good at my craft.

A major part of the audience which has always appreciated my movies have been the people who live in the suburbs and are cut off from the humdrum of city life. Their simplicity and innocence has always touched me. It is, as if the suburbs have a way of not getting intimidated and accepting the way a city behaves. It develops its own style of functioning and there is a marked difference between the way festivals, religious occasions, social life and cinema are conducted there vis-à-vis a city.

On the occasions that I have been to the different parts of my state to perform stage shows, I have been overwhelmed to see and receive the love and affection that I get from the people there. There have been many occasions when people of all types – young, old and elderly have come to just look at me from close, hold my hand, click photographs, even treat me to homemade delicacies. There have been many times when I have been welcomed by many who got on top of my car, peered through the window to see me from close. Small children have come in front of me and delivered dialogues from my films – even from the ones which had been made in not the recent past. I have found, to my utter surprise many fans standing in the rain with huge cut outs of my pictures, holding posters of my films and listening with bated breath to every word I speak.

These acts of affection which I receive, actually frightens me in some ways. I love these occasions,  as these moments are priceless and an actor yearns for such adulation. But along with this comes a very great sense of responsibility which I have to bear so that I don’t let the people down who look up to me. This is what scares me sometimes and also drives me into bettering my craft and try to be the best in my trade as I am at the day answerable to the audience without whom I would have been nothing.

Love you all. !!



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