Happy New Year

Time, as they say is the best teacher and it is time that always slips from our hands.  The time spent in the current year has been a generous mentor and I have been a much benefitted student as the current year gives way to the coming new year.  There have been many moments in this year which I cherish very deep in my heart. As I have always been surrounded by this obsessive desire to be associated with  good cinema, I have been fortunate that beautiful characters came my way which I tried to portray the best way I can.

A new year, as they say is like an open canvas which we can paint the way we want to. I happen to have some New Year resolutions which I intend to keep – that of being associated with meaningful cinema which appeal to viewers and satisfies my craving as an artist. My inner fire to continuously explore new characters and genres, be it the role in Jaatishwar,  Moner Manush or Shankhachil gives me the mental food which justifies my existence  each time I face the camera to give that perfect shot. As I sincerely live and breathe cinema, I intend to test my limits as an actor in the coming year.

New year is a time which we spend with family, friends, near and dear ones and feel happiness all around. It is a time when we put the memories of the year gone by into the recesses of our memory and look forward with hope and expectations towards the year ahead. I, being a human also share the same feelings and as I am emotional by nature I hope for only good things to happen in the coming year for all near and dear ones, fans, technicians and everybody in general.

Our capability to forget is probably one of the most underestimated of all the human capabilities as this enables us to forget the bad moments that come our way. In due course we hope for better things to come in the future and it is because of this expectation that we have the strength to overcome the challenges that life throws at us. It is with this hope that I look forward to the new year that all will be well.

Wish you all a very happy new year 2017.  Love you all !!