Looking Back At The Journey





“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

― Ursula K. Le Guin

And I’m fortunate that my journey has been a memorable one. When I look back, there are bruises, joy, laughter, pain and moments – moments that are treasured in my heart. Each film is like school I learnt from and through the characters, I lived lives. I’m honoured that some thought my journey is worthy enough to touch lives.

Two years back Mitali (Co-director of ‘For Cinema Only) approached me to make a documentary on me. I couldn’t give permission then. I was not really ready for it. But this time, they were adamant to make it and I especially liked the idea how they wanted to portray the journey. After thinking a lot, I gave the nod. Mitali also directed the documentary on Sourav Ganguly. It was amazing to see such detailed research they did for my documentary. The title is just apt for me. I live ‘For Cinema Only’. My struggle, sweat, blood were all for cinema. It kept me alive.

And finally, it happened. And on the Grand day of the trailer launch of ‘For Cinema Only’ when the guests shared their experience about me, I felt so touched. I’m blessed that the whole industry graced the trailer launch event. When they shared their encounter with me, some were hilarious, some were emotional, some were deeply honest. When Apu (Saswata), Abir, Param, Soham and Jisshu shared their experience and opinions about me, I was spellbound! I wonder why Apu had never seen me eating! Yes, I also love to eat. But fitness comes first! The respect they showered, the way they paid tribute by launching the trailer and the kind words melt my heart. I’m an emotional person and it is always the kind words, good gestures that encourage me to keep moving.

From my home to my gym, my office, my films, my family they covered it all in the documentary. Thank you Mitali and Samrat for portraying me this way. Thanks a ton to my friends and colleagues from the industry who are my well wishers too. I never thought I’ll make so many good friends in a life time. My heartiest gratitude to all of you for being there. And last but not the least, a big thanks to you my Janta Janadaan who made me Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Love to all..