People pass away, creations remain



“For me, the endless source of ingredients for writing is in these amazingly noble, suffering human beings. Why should I look for my raw material elsewhere, once I have started knowing them?” Mahasweta Devi once told when she was asked about her inspiration.

I was in the midst of shooting while heard the news about her death. Death is inevitable, we all know, but something somewhere cracked inside me after hearing the news. Mahasweta Devi, who has created such beautiful pieces like ‘Hajar Churashir Maa’, ‘Agnigarbha’, ‘Aranyer Adhikar’, her pen is stopped. Forever!

A writer lives many lives. Just like an actor. While writing a piece, I feel, the writer goes through the same trauma, same anguish or joy his or her characters go through. A writer giving birth to many characters leaves some traces of himself within the characters. I’m such kind of a reader who tries to know the author through their creations. And I can see a strong, opinionated, fiery, flaming woman in Mahasweta Devi who won my heart always.

“Nothing is lost” for a creative mind. It is complex, vague and full of inspirations from observations gathered from day to day life, like a collage, and nobody knows when a particular idea will pop up out of nowhere. I’m fortunate to live an author’s life as Nirbed Lahiri. He lives in his own world which cannot be justified by standard social norms. He belongs to the society but at first he belongs to himself; his own wishes, hopes, desires and dreams. In fact, in every sphere of performing arts, an artist needs to listen to the inner monologues. And guess what’s common in every artist? They are all loners in their own make-believe world. There they nourish a different soul with passion, pain, love, imagination, anguish, joy, laughter, hopes, dreams…

And it always happens. I sat to write something else and the strings of thoughts thrashed me to some other world. Actually, every artist nourishes a world within them. And through death, they take away the world with them. What we lost today, that world of revolt, passion, suffering and outrageous chapters conceived by this author. But as they say, time heals everything. And Mahasweta Devi will live through her creations another hundreds and thousand years in our hearts.

Saddened by heart, I’m sending you all good wishes. Take care and God bless!