CYBER KEEDA: The ‘Troller’



When I faced social media for the first time, I was a little bit surprised because it was touted as the most authentic platform to express one’s view, mostly the public figures who were initially skeptical to initiate any interaction with their fans or people in general.  Gradually I started enjoying.  All were going well and I was engrossed with the buzz created by the users.

Grapevine says, the more the crowd, the more the problems and with each increasing number of users the problem just exponentially grows. After few days, I spotted some people on the sites who are always found whining, using cuss words and ranting especially on celebrities. They are trolls. They troll about everything; from dressing sense to body shape and even they make harsh, very harsh personal attacks which can easily push someone to lose his cool.

At first I used to get really irritated to see all these filthy mouth and somehow wanted to give them a piece of my mind. I was stubborn to fight but later stopped myself from getting into this hullabaloo and ignored them tactfully unless I like some constructive criticisms from them. My point is, criticisms are always welcome, but not cheap personal attacks. Some people get sadistic pleasure by attacking someone and are desperate to seek attention and can go to any extent to get that!

Making fun of films, popular songs or celebrities is not a new thing. Parodies and mimicry have an old history. A genre to entertain people by mocking a dance step or some signature mannerisms are still in vogue. It’s a prolonged culture imbibed on and helped us to reach out to the bigger number of people. Recently, I was approached to allow a parody on me imitating my signature songs and dance steps. I had no problem with it as long as they were done in good humor. The ‘Bumba Dance’ concept was funny and quite entertaining. In fact, stars are often seen making guest appearances in their own parody.

But making racist comments, mocking about someone’s sexuality, mental health, body shape or dragging their personal lives in public to get some reaction is not acceptable at all. Hope these super frustrated troll will be vanished as the strong vigilance is happening and we would be able to express our ideas properly and interact with our fans which is our sole reason to be here at social networking site.

Keep the love coming. Take care and God bless!



2 thoughts on “CYBER KEEDA: The ‘Troller’

  1. Some people are so jobless that for them trolling somebody is like earning bread and butter. They think, since they’re entitled to freedom of speech so they can say anything and everything they wish to. There are two types of people who criticise you, the first type are those who provide you the mirror to look into yourself and the second type are those who know that they cannot achieve what you have and so they try to pull you down.
    Sir, you are doing a wonderful job. Your latest movie Praktan gave me life goals. I realised, the mistakes which even I would have made had I been in the same situation and now I’m aware of the consequences. And the songs were too good; mesmerising. Thank you so much for the film, sir.

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