And finally, the ‘Traffic’ gets cleared


I remember my visit to Kochi Film Festival last year. Rajesh ji was invited as the chief guest from Malayalam Film Industry but came to know he was admitted in hospital. I called him right there. His voice was breaking. He sounded very upset. Told me over the phone, his last wish would be to witness the release of ‘Traffic’ in Hindi. Who thought God had stored something that cruel for him! He was unwell for quite a long time. After fighting with ailment for months he passed away in February and the film got released in May.

‘Traffic’ was shot three years back in Mumbai. Rajesh Pillai is the director of original ‘Traffic’ movie that is in Malayalam. Later the Hindi version is adapted under his direction. While cherishing the memories of this film I remember the shooting days. How we used to have a gala time on set. Though language was a barrier for Rajesh and there was difficulty in communication but that could not stop him from extracting the best from the actors. Working with the powerhouse of talents like Manoj Bajpayee, Divya Dutt, Jimmy Shergill, Sachin Khedekar and Kitu Gidwani  was an enriching experience all together. The child actors too performed very well. So energetic and spontaneous they were on screen! Divya, Manoj and me bonded very well during the shooting of this film. I have in my mind to direct a film with Divya and Manoj in the lead. Divya used to ask me about the film whenever we met.

In ‘Traffic’, I played the role of a Superstar named Dev Kapoor who devotes himself whole heartedly into his work and has no time for family. Yes, somewhat like me. Though I try hard to spend time with my family but feel it’s not enough. I really liked the songs of the film, soothing and completely fit with the mood of the movie. You will all be surprised to know that I did no dubbing for the film. It was a complete sync sound. For this the contribution of the technical team must be appreciated. Superb job done by them!

Now when finally the film got released, and people are talking about the film we are breathing a sigh of relief. Amazing comments from the people who liked the film is pouring on us making us super happy! But in all these, I wish Rajesh was there with us witnessing the film finally got released and appreciated. We all missing you Rajesh…

Love to you all!