Shankhachil, the Human Saga winning hearts Nationwide




“Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too…”

– John Lenon

The master expressed a simple thought in simple lines.

“That is the charisma of simplicity. Simple stories, simple characters, simple lives…they touch hearts very easily. ‘Shankhachil’ is one such kind of a film.” Overheard one of my team members from an elderly woman coming out from the theatre after watching the film, sobbing. I wished I could get the feedback from each one of you… good or bad it does matter. According to the general response, what I’m getting, one cannot forget the film just after leaving the auditorium. It will be there in the mind for some time.

From the shooting days, we knew there will be sky high expectation for this film. The subject and the story have a deep rooted connection with our past. A past which is painful, a past we cannot get over, a past that is still affecting humanity. And the love we received is immense.

The first screening happened in Bangladesh. People coming out from the hall, sobbing. Some couldn’t say anything just hugged me tight. You know, these are the reactions we work so hard for. A special screening for our Honorable Governor had been arranged. He was supposed to stay for half an hour but he ended up watching the full film. Being a non Bengali, he watched the film till the end and noticed smallest details which touched his heart. He even didn’t delay to share his feelings after watching the film with us. In fact, he assured us to provide all the support to release it nationally. He shared, he seen a full movie after many many years. There lies the achievement of ‘Shankhachil.’

In Delhi and Mumbai screenings too, received such love that I can’t express in words. After the show, the sound of clap was so loud that my heart was actually jumping with excitement. The standing ovation proved that it actually touched hearts. Most of the shows are going houseful there. Here also, last 3days went really good for ‘Shankhachil’. Glad to see the people standing in queue to get the tickets for a Bengali film again.

Flooded with sms, comments, and appreciations I feel ‘Shankhachil’ will go a long way. It’s just the beginning. ‘Shankhachil’, a film that made it possible to shake the conscience and touch the soul. A chapter from history book came alive and mingled with the lives of common people. People could relate themselves with the story very easily. Hope, the dream run of ‘Shankhachil’ will continue…

Love to you all. And do share with me how you liked the film…God bless!