BCL: Bond over Cricket League



BCL for me, does not stand for Bengal Celebrity League anymore!

How can I describe how am I feeling right now! I was wondering did I ever feel like this for a cricket match. Even during World Cup, I got back home after a hectic day, sat on my sofa with the bucket of popcorn to enjoy the match. What I enjoy, a tough competition between the teams; the game itself. But this time, it’s different.

Though the concept of Bengal Celebrity League (BCL) has been conceived by Jisshu Sengupta, I was equally excited about the project. We were not sure how it would turn out where so many people are involved. At last, during the inauguration ceremony, we felt like, a dream has finally come true. Where it was supposed to be friendly cricket matches, it actually turned out to be serious games. The team members did not let any stone unturned while practicing for the matches. The dedication they showed is unbelievable!

Losing the first match against Midnapore Mighties, the boys were obviously disappointed. That too, after setting a tough target to chase! But they did not give up. They rose again like phoenix and fought back. From the second match, they put their heart and soul into the game. A tremendous urge to win the game was working in them. From batting, bowling, fielding their effort was showing.

At the beginning of the tournament, hardly did we think that the matches would keep the audience glued to their seats. In every match, the nail biting excitement was there! Though the finale was almost predictable, but I told them not to become over confident in the second innings. Just play your game and enjoy it to the fullest! We enjoyed the spirit throughout!

The game, played so beautifully that it attracted real cricket lovers to come to the ground & cheer for the teams. The weekends suddenly became exciting when the whole film fraternity came under one single roof, Bengal Celebrity League. It’s like a grand get together where everyone is supporting each others’ team. And yes, there was unlimited fun! Winning or losing is just part of the game. What I noticed, all the teams and the players, their supporters having good times playing and enjoying on field! When one is getting hurt, the other team member is motivating him.  We wanted this unity among the people we work day and night. As I always say, this is a small industry. And we must nurture a healthy bond amongst us to flourish and grow.

I am happy that people had a great time watching cricket, chatting, giggling, cheering on the field. Love to all! Looking forward to the next season of BCL…