Keep It Healthy




Who doesn’t want to look better than yesterday?

Well, this is true that we, the people of show business need to take extra care for our health. Youngsters keep on asking me how I keep it fit all the time! All I can say, I lead a disciplined life. Discipline is needed in everyday life; what you eat, what you drink, what you do, what you think…

Everyday comes with new opportunities to change your lifestyle! The thing is, we must have that determination what you are willing to do with that. If you are thinking to lead a healthy life, start from today. Don’t wait for the bright sunny day in the near future to inspire you. Now a days, we more or less know about what to do and what not! The real difficulty comes in applying those gyans!

At the beginning of starting a healthy lifestyle, you need to understand being skinny is not being healthy! This is specially applicable for the girls. Realizing one is gaining weight, the first thing they do, stop eating! There are certain things which are a continuous process. Staying fit is definitely one of those. Skipping meals will not going to help you in any way! Eating small quantities in regular intervals is the basic mantra! Drink plenty of water as it speeds up your metabolism, cleans the body toxins. A thorough check what you are eating is very necessary. Don’t cheat with yourself on that!

Along with proper balanced diet, you need to know the proper exercises for your body. Walking or jogging is always advisable! And make it a habit! Everyday take out 30minutes for yourself from your busy hectic schedule. There are temptations everywhere especially when you are on strict diet! Party season is already there to seduce you towards the most unhealthy food and drinks. Drink within limits and please quit smoking. There was a time, when I was a regular smoker. If I could quit it for my health, then you all can quit it. Yes, it will be difficult at the beginning but have patience, you’ll win over it. If you started smoking to pacify stress, then you are in the very wrong path. There are better ways for that. Don’t stay awake late at night, try to sleep early and have  minimum 8 hours of good sleep. I’ll suggest to keep your phone away while sleeping. Calls should not jerk you up from sleep. I really hate it!

The definition of relaxation is different to everyone. Reading, painting, watching films, photography do whichever makes you feel good. So, try to relax. Distract your mind from the monotony. Don’t encourage boredom. Even if you are down with something, keep telling yourself that this shall pass too. Hold yourself tightly. Your mind and body should be in sync. Lack of energy, lack of interest in everything should not be tolerated at all. We all come with very few days to live here on earth. Why not utilize it perfectly!

Apart from doing the physical exercises, proper diet plans one thing is very important to live a healthy life; take charge of your own happiness. Greet people with warmth, flaunt a smile, and keep on reminding yourself “miles to go before I sleep!”

Cheers to all! Love you!



The Well Wishers for Life


They say being a fan doesn’t mean you were there from the beginning, it means you are willing to be there until the end. The three letter word “Fan” is the core reason of the existence of a celebrity. They are the actual fabricators of a superstar. An actor couldn’t be star if he won’t be supported by his fans. Stardom is a gift to an actor by his fans.  Every actor is hungry for the love that his fans shower on him. Their love, compassion always inspires an actor; encourage him to do something innovative.

This journey of films is precious. And the journey won’t be possible without the support and love of my fans. Each and every single moment of their devotion helped Bumba to be Prosenjit Chatterjee today. They have always been my inspiration. Their love, affection even critical reviews always instigate me to delve into new arena. The loud screaming, the craziness works like a magic for me.  Many of my fans drop into studios just to have a glance of mine. I don’t really like to wait for people, neither do I keep people waiting for me. But when I see people waiting for hours just to meet me I feel really embarrassed.

Sometimes, I  wonder am I deserving enough to hold such love poured on me every day! I am just an artist who learns from every single person he comes across and try my level best to justify the character I’m supposed to play. I am here to play roles written for me.

Life without fans would be ship without sail. They have always been beside me on each and every special occasion of my life. Be it my birthday, my film release, first day shoot or anything their good wishes, blesses are always with me. On my birthday innumerable birthday greetings, flowers, cakes come to my home from my fans. All my social media accounts get flooded with immense love, good wishes. They always make me feel special with their gift of love. Sometimes they send me their handicrafts which are the evidence of their unconditional love and blessings.

During the shooting of Moner Manush in Bangladesh we were totally mobbed by fans. The area was so crowded that we were not being able to shoot a single shot. The entire crew requested them to recede from there. But all their requests were in vain. At last when I humbly requested them to allow us to shoot the scene, then only they recede from there. There is a lady who resides in Baranagar is one of my fans who visits me frequently. Be it Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja or Diwali she always drops into my house with a bunch of flowers and sweets. Few days back I got a sketch of mine which was painted by a boy. It took him more than six months to complete. There are plenty of instances which I cannot count to express my gratitude.

I feel special because they are there for me. It is true that I don’t know all my fans by their faces, but my face won’t be in limelight if my fans were not there.

Thank you for being there always. Love to all!