It was the closing day of the Retrospective. An evening so rewarding and promising.


Paying homage to Prosenjit Chatterjee, that was more than flattering. I would rather look at this as an initiative to promote Bengal Cinema nationally and project a glorious prospect for it in the nearby future. And this event had been a grand success at that.

The event screened eight movies ‘Dosar’ ,‘Khela’, ‘Autograph’, ‘Shanghai’, ‘Aparajita Tumi’ Jaatishwar”, “Ami, Yasin aar Amar Modhubala” and “Moner Manush”. These films are more than just films I starred in, but movies that introduce the audience to the works of eminent directors like Gautam Ghose, Rituparno Ghosh, Srijit Mukherji and many more. Movies that speak of the flourishing industry that Bengal cinema is, that tells the story how it has evolved through the years after being left by the triad of stalwarts –Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Ritwik Ghatak.

The closing ceremony was held at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 29th September, 2015.The guests of honor were Goutam Ghose, a brilliant director and friend as well, Mahesh Bhatt, one of the big bosses of Bollywood, and Jawhar Sircar, the CEO of Prasar Bharati and also my dear elder brother.Conversing with Mahesh Bhatt and sharing our views on the future of regional cinema was nourishing and soul-enriching. Jisshu Sengupta, Arpita Chatterjee and Taslima Nasrin were among the few special guests worth mentioning. Ms. Nasrin never fails to amaze me. I feel humbled in front of such a spirited woman, who is more of an inspiration to me than a great writer on absconding.

I am very grateful to CII for organizing such a gala event dedicated to Bengali cinema. We would be indebted to IHC and Senco too for sponsoring such a grand enterprise. Our industry is in need of such affluent patrons.

All of us presented there took a solemn oath towards the betterment of Bengali cinema in terms of productivity, propaganda as well as increasing its intellectual value. I met the people of Bengal association towards these purpose and that was both constructive and decisive.And last but not the least, my team arranged a surprise birthday party for me as if they haven’t done more than enough to make me feel special. It is very thrifty on my part to just dedicate another paragraph for it. I owe you big time guys! Love you to the core.

Stay blessed all!



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