Some Memories never fade.


Ami Arun Chatterjee… Ami e Industry… Though it has been used in the film Autograph but this line fits the best for the real Arun Chatterjee, whom people know the best as Uttam Kumar. For all he is a superhero, Mahanayak, a dream hero but for me he is my truest guardian. For me he is my jethu almost like my father. Today is his 35th death anniversary but still today I never thought that he is not with me. I have learned so much from him. Starting from being an idol to guardian to the ultimate Bengali man he has made everyone so proud. When the term Bengali comes in mind, then without exaggeration the first person who comes in everyone’s mind is undoubtedly Uttam Kumar.  I still remember every words of my mother when Uttamjethu passed away. She told me that I have lost the biggest umbrella who was always there with me like a big banyan tree. But all his advices, guidance have always taught me how to be strong and mature in my life.

During my childhood it has happened many times that I have visited his place along with my father just to chat with his family, and he has visited our house innumerable times. It is a real fact that after any party I have remained in his place most of the time instead of coming back to my home, and he as a guiding superman has always kept enough care of me. It’s called party in new age we used to call it Jalsha. Whenever we used to have Jalsha at our home, I used to play a drum that that I had in my place, and Uttamjethu always used to encourage me for it and he used to sing with me.I never felt in his home that I am somewhere else. Even when me, my mom and my sister were in the most difficult phase of our life it was he who had always supported us in every way.

I was lucky enough that at the beginning of my career I got a chance to be in the film “Dui Prithibi” where I played the younger character of Uttamjethu. From him I have learned so many things that an actor should have, like even today after every shot I ask my director, my cameraman, my spot boy and everyone whether the take was okay or not. This I have learned from Uttamjethu. My Autograph and Jaatiswar are truly my tribute to UttamJethu. He is truly a Mahanayak and no one can be a second Mahanayak to this Bengali Film Industry. The stature he has reached and the height he has created in Tollywood I feel that no one else can ever reach that.

It was him, from whom I have learned that we should work even with the new directors. He made me understand that if an established director can give you a chance when you are new to this industry then why you shouldn’t give a chance to a new director. You never know what is stored there in a new director’s mind, and how much talent they have. Starting from my childhood to initial days of acting I have always listened to every words of him be it in my personal life or professional .life. it was my misfortune that when his advices would have needed the most he was not with us, but I have always felt his presence.

During my struggling period it was Uttamjethu who always taught me what should be the attitude of a hero. It was he who helped me in my first photoshoot- how an actor should look, how he will behave, what will be the tactics and every other minute details. Today proudly I can say that there is a huge contribution of Uttam jethu in my life and I feel that this is one of the greatest gifts of my life.

Love you all, stay blessed.


Back From Bangladesh


Some people, some places, some smells, some sights, some memories…often leave us in a state of trance. They leave an impression so strong; it can be good or bad. If you observe, you can note most of the time you think about them. The small details appear before your eyes, often in your dreams. I don’t know how many of you will agree with me, I often dream about our old house where I was born. The verandas, the staircases, the places where me and Maku used to play hide and seek even the street near the house…everything flashes before me in my dreams. Amazing! May be, it is because the calling of the roots.

The feeling is almost same when I return from Bangladesh. I feel, home is not just few rooms with walls and roof. Home is a state of mind. Home is where you feel your roots are. In Bangladesh, it always feels like completely at home. May be because of the language, the soil, the rivers, the homes, the streets; may be for everything. I am especially fond of the language. I remember, we used to sit around our Didima to listen to the stories and I was especially attracted to the language which directly hits to the heart. Just completed the last schedule for Shankhachil here.

I have always hated travelling early morning. I stay awake late at night, sometimes reading scripts, sometimes reading good books or sometimes writing or checking social networking sites. So, for me, getting up early and travelling is really a challenge! But it is satisfying that Shankhachil shooting went really well. There is huge expectation regarding this film. This film is about both the Bengal; their struggle for life. People from both the countries can relate with the subject of this film. As I always stress on the fact that both of Kolkata and Bangladesh film industry need the support and cooperation of each other to grow and expand the business. In the bigger picture, it is not about a particular film. It’s time to diminish the geographical or political distance between two neighboring countries sharing the same language. Cinema, sports or other art forms are meant to unite people through entertainment, not to divide.

As Mishuk is in Kolkata for his vacation, and he has his long list to make his vacation more exciting! Looking forward to a cheerful unison.

Love to all and take care.