The Homecoming

A man’s house is his castle. Maybe that’s the best part, going away from home is coming back again. Its so good to be home. As I was shooting for kamaleshwar ‘s da next project in Orrisa with Paoli and Raima. Almost after 23 days I’m in Kolkata. And the days was eventful. Early morning shoots, adda sessions with all the team members, having food together, discussion and more discussions- all these things made a collage of happy memories to be cherished.

What fascinates me is how a person changes with experience. With both Raima and Paoli I have worked before. It’s nice when you see a person growing so beautifully in their work.  Shooting involves a lot of things not only acting. What I love the most is working together as a team.This is I think, the best and worst part of our profession. While shooting for a particular film, we spend almost the whole day together and it is nonetheless like a family sharing good times. Everyone is giving their best to make a particular scene the best. And the hardest part in shooting which makes me sad is when the shooting gets over. it takes time to get out from that particular frame of life which we were living for a long time.Definitely I’ll miss everyone

it’s good to be home when you know, no matter what few peoples are always there and will always be there for you, no matter what happens. When I’m home I always make it a point to meet my friends when I have some free time. And of course, my super energetic team. My team is eager to know all the stories of the shooting days. It feels great to spend some quality time with them as they are my extended family. Though the shooting is not over yet. Just wrapped the first schedule in Kolkata. And it was 17 hours long schedule! Kudos to the team (including me, haha!) who made it possible. Can’t think to relax now as there is huge work pressure and it will continue for few days. Shooting for two films at a time is not an easy task. And then have to get prepared for my next one to.

Anyway, work pressure brings the best out of you. Unless you will be challenged, your inner ability will not get polished. This involvement towards your work which always demands to put more effort is very necessary. There is no end of it. So, work is fun if you are involved.

Love you all stay blessed.



Pen, paper and thoughts…


The opportunity to loosen up my emotions, observations and random thoughts finally came. It’s been a long time; I could not sit to write, thanks to the busy schedule. Hope you all are doing fine. Well, just saying this felt that this formal greeting is not at all applicable for the people who lost their near relatives and homes in the earthquake happened. The repeated tremor happening every now and then is something to be more serious about. It is scary, very scary!

Now, I’m in Orissa with the whole team of Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s next. It’s a delight to work with the bunch of talented actors and being on the set with the familiar faces with whom you can spend some easy moments, some light talks. After all, while shooting outdoor, detached from our family and friends it is the people on the set who become your family. From having lunch together to the final call of ‘pack up’ by the director, we belong to one big family. Raima has come across a long way after ‘Chokher Bali’. And Paoli is also a brilliant actor. I don’t think people will ever be able to forget the mind blowing performance she gave in ‘Moner Manush’. There is so much to learn from them. And there is Kamaleshwar! He knows exactly what he wants, and I admire him very much as a person.

As I am shooting in Puri, It is impossible to stay here and not visiting the famous Jagannath temple for once. And that too, when you are a typical Bengali whose one of the favourite holiday destination happens to be Puri.  The first things that comes to one’s mind when its Puri is the sea or the Jagannath Temple? For me, it’s the latter. People complain that it is an overcrowded temple. But I love this temple. Standing in front of the magnificent idols of Jagannath, Balaram and their little sister Subhadra let me feel an inner strength and peace to believe every little problem of our lives are very trivial in front of the Almighty. They are not big enough to diminish our spirit to go on. I visited the temple early in the morning. After that people started coming and I knew it’s time to leave. The undaunted spiritual significance of the Jagannath Temple cannot be fathomed until one visits here himself. While exploring the city, I filled my heart with fresh air which boosted my energy, my spirit.Everything went well except the bad weather we encountered there. The sad part is, the set was completely destroyed and we had to make it again.

All’s well that ends well. We spent some amazing moments working, laughing, smiling and supporting each other. Ultimately, these moments count in life.

Love to all!