“Shankhachil” First Day Shooting

Could there be a better way? I have asked this question to myself several times while going through the scripts. Spoke to people, tried to gain insight into the reality, visualized scenes many a times and now it’s showtime! “Shankhachil” shooting started yesterday.

It has always been the same feeling whenever I give the first shot of a new film. 30 years is quite a long time, isn’t it? But while giving the first shot of a new film, the same anxiety works within me when I gave the first shot of my life. Being on the new set feels like being the new kid who comes for the first day in school. Excited, nervous at the same time. After all the preparations and hard work it’s time to execute them.I believe the first shot have to be the ‘best’ as it encourage me and help me to keep up the same energy, commitment level to match up for all of my next shots.

It could be a dream project for any actor. And there are a few reasons for that. After Moner Manush, this is again an Indo-Bangladesh project for which we all as well as the audience will have high expectations. Moreover Shankhachil is a story of a family who lost their nation and motherland due to India and Bangladesh partition. I have always believe in, that Bangladesh is exactly same like us. we love the same fish same language we speak. Then from where is this difference coming from.

As I have stated in my previous blogs, after the Bangladesh visit. This cultural exchange is very necessary to broaden the boundaries of films and its audience between these two neighboring countries. And I have continuously stressed on the fact that only art can abolish the physical boundaries between India and Bangladesh. Joint productions are always welcome to reach the larger audience of both the countries as Bengali cinema has a huge overseas market and it will only enrich both the industries. I am extremely pleased by the way our association with Ashirbad Chalochittra and Impress Telefilms has shaped up. Ashirbad Chalachittra is a prominent film production and distribution company in Bangladesh. I’m looking forward to more such production houses and directors and actors to join hands to provide strong support to this industry.

For the first time I am paired with Kushum Sikder, a renowned actor from Bangladesh. Kushum undoubtedly a very talented actor, got National Award there in Banglaesh who will absolutely do justice to the character, I’m sure! As you now know it’s an Indo-Bangladesh film so the cast and crew included both the actors from India and Bangladesh.  Powerful actors like Ushashi Chakrabarty, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Dipankar De, Arindam Sil are the parts of the movie from “epar Bangla” while some other actors like like Kushum Sikder, Saanjbati from “opar Bangla” are also playing important roles in the movie.

I am very hopeful and finger crossed for “Shankhachil” and I’m sure it will create the magic and repeat the history of “Moner Manush”. Love to all…