The best teacher called “LIFE”

When did it all start? From when did we start feeling things which are not directly related to our five senses?  We did not know what “joy” is until we kept on crying for things which we thought we have lost and once we find it we make sure we keep somewhere carefully. We did not know what “despair” is until the sweetest moments become memories. Life is all about construction and deconstruction. At this very moment, either we are constructing or deconstructing.

Life takes a number of twists and turns during its whole span. But the finest twist comes when you expect it the least. While going through all these twists and turns we shape our lives. Or rather, life shapes us as a person who we have never thought about or we always wanted to become in our subconscious mind. And when we look back we encounter with a completely different person.

In my case, life has molded me into the person I’m today. I was tormented, slashed, shattered, struggled, gave up, stoop up again, moved on, held my head high, won or lost and the again strived and days went on. But whenever I try to turn the pages of the remote past, there remain the piles of moments, realization and the eternal battle of construction and destruction. But the greatest happy turn came to me, when this small lively soul came into my life changing my life forever. It is none other than but my child Mishuk. I learnt a lot as a human. From the time of his birth my life has changed slowly. He has given me new ray of hope.

Remaining awake for the whole night, feeding him, telling stories, playing with him, listening to him, satisfying his curiosity for the innumerable little things in life, unconsciously, I grew up. I grew up to become more tolerant as a person. More patients to wait for the best things to happen, stronger than ever to protect my family from any unexpected twist of life. And more hardworking and sincere to take care and fulfill all his needs. Mishuk’s birth changed me without making me realized what I am now. I am more focused to life, to recognize the priorities of my life. Yes, parents grow up as a human being with the help of their little one.

We all have that one person in life or a passion for something which can shape our life in a better way. All we need to do is, keeping our eyes and mind open to identify that particular thing

Love to all. Stay blessed!


“Shankhachil” about to fly

That day when you will think you have achieved enough and stop striving for a better you, you will be intellectually dead. Learning is an ongoing process and we never learn enough in our entire life. Every moment something is changing around us hence there is always the need to learn, to improvise ourselves. According to cognitive science, we don’t just need to learn a task in order to perform it well; we need to over learn it. Superior performance requires practising beyond the point of mastery.

And when it comes to Goutam da’s film, the hard work must be shown. After “Moner Manush”, naturally there is high expectation for our next venture together “Shankhachil”. All I can tell the film is about the struggle of a family during partition. The agony of that phase is still a deep wound for many people from both the countries . Such sensitive is the issue. Besides the technical preparations, I’m reading books on that particular phase when people were desperately searching for an identity. We all know, change is the only thing that does not change. But does that stop us from planning our course of life? There is no guarantee that I will wake up tomorrow morning, but the schedule has already been set. Who could think, that house which I’m building today saving little penny every day, can any day be snatched away from me? And I’ll be forced to stand under the bare sky left with no idea how to survive. Painful! Very painful!

My profession provides me the opportunity to live so many lives in one lifetime. The characters I played, be it Antony Firinghee or Lalan Fakir, they all have enriched me as a human being. When I closely observed the characters, I felt I knew these people from ages. Connecting your soul to the characters, you play a very important part, unless you do so your audience will fail to connect with it. I prefer to read the script several times a day. Each time I read the script, I discover something new, some better ideas to portray the scene. The look and costumes are also the things which demand genuine attention. Though other people are there to take care of it and they are more capable than me in this case. I suggest them few things; they suggest me few other which I’m sure will give nothing but the best results.

There is a saying in our industry that, every Friday someone’s luck changes. There are so many film releases every week, every month, every year. Few becomes masterpiece, few are forgotten just a day after. But do people, who are not related to this industry, have any idea how a great team put their heart and soul to support a film? Cinema is the greatest example of team work I believe. And my team is one of the most enthusiastic one. After putting great effort in the super successful event “Zee Bangla Sonar Songsar”, they are all engrossed in the preparation of the film.

I try to spend more time with them to listen, to encourage, to teach, to share, to learn…Thank you all of you for being there.

Love to all!

Heading Home, Sweet Home!!

“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.”

~William Faulkner


“Boomerang” is the word that first came to my mind when I sat down to write about my journey in Bangladesh. Many of you have expressed your grief regarding the title of my last blog i.e “Bangladesh, my extended motherland”. Why have I called it “my extended motherland” and according to them it’s just another neighboring country. Disappointing you all, I would say, I’ve not exaggerated a bit. Bangladesh is more than just a neighboring country to me. The feeling is very mutual indeed. The love and honor I received there is double the love I could spread. Now heading home with the bagful of their warmth and love. Sitting in the lounge of Dhaka airport, the sense of departure from this beautiful country is very similar to the feeling when in childhood, we used to spend a vacation in our “Mamabari.” Going home after being pampered too much there, used to make us sad but in the mean time, we already had started to miss home. So, there was an excitement too. It used to be a happy-sad situation. Exactly same feeling!

I apologize to all of you who wrote to me and invited me to visit their places. Thanks to the schedule, I was completely tied up with the other commitments here. But next time I’ll definitely try to come and meet you all people. In fact, I’m feeling to make an effort to meet with some of the bloggers in the city. I love interacting. And if it is with some nice creative people then nothing like it.

Another amazing thing I noticed, many people are complimenting here for my new look! It’s actually falls under my preparation for “Shankhachil”. I’ll come up with another new look out of this new look.  Compliments are always welcome as well as the criticisms.  The first one boosts up your confidence and the second one makes you identify your faults for a better you. And you should not miss a single chance to boost your confidence.

I feel blessed to receive such warm welcome from you all. The incredible gesture, the heartiest welcome, the warm smiles…everything I’m cherishing and carrying in my heart. Hope to meet you soon…

Love and blessings to all!

Bangladesh, the extended motherland

Heading to Bangladesh after a long time. The very name of the country does not let me consider it as a separate country. The people, the language, the culture, the literature-all are so close to my heart. It has a strange kind of emotional appeal which wraps me up with the smell of soil, pure joy of celebrating togetherness and a lot of childhood stories heard from my elders. This time the journey to Bangladesh is going to be very special as there are the special people like Goutam da, MoonMoon, Dev are going to accompany me. And another reason for my excitement is, this time I will be celebrating “Antorjatik Bhasha Dibosh” on 21st with my Bangladeshi family.

It is sad that, whatever people come to know about Bangladesh generally comes from newspapers reports and most of them are tragedies like natural disasters, political strife etc. it is quite stigmatized as we hardly hear about any positive thing about Bangladesh or it may be, the negative news are under spotlight more than the positive side of it. What I feel, in this time frame of cultural overlapping, Bangladesh has surprisingly managed to retain their individuality from being mingled with others. The smell of the soil is still there in every form of art.

While shooting for “Moner Manush”, I got the opportunity to interact with some theatre personalities there. They are so extremely talented. This cultural exchange is very necessary for our industry. In the social media I get so many messages everyday from the people there who want to be a part of a project which will include artists from both the countries. In fact, there are many people in our industry who have a huge fan following in Bangladesh. There are many talented directors, actors, script writers, lyricists who belong to the new age genre of cinema and eager to produce good work. I don’t know how many of you have remembered “Ami Shei Meye”, which was a small initiative to intermingle the culture of the two neighboring countries who share the same mother tongue. If we can make this happen, there is a huge market that is waiting for us. If the producers of both the countries can think about it, both of the industries will flourish economically and of course in other aspects as well.

Interruptions were there, obstacles will be there if we try to do something better. But that should not diminish the spirit of our soul. This is the time to give it a thought very seriously. Otherwise, what’s the use of celebrating the same language with which we (India and Bangladesh) are bonded? Why remembering those poets who have written about the unity we boast about every time? Art in any form does not encourage any limitations, any barrier of religion, or geographical distance. Art has its own language. And in this “Antorjatik Bhasha Dibosh”, let’s celebrate the language of art itself.

Love to all!

World Cup ‘The countdown starts’

The time has finally come. World Cup fever is just begin. The eventful evenings, the nail biting excitement, the cry of joy and cups and cups of coffee-ah, bliss! The 11th Cricket World Cup is all set to start today 14th feb with Sri lanka Vs New Zealand and England Vs Australia. And on 15th, there is the most exciting and crucial match for all time, India Vs Pakistan. I just can’t wait for the match its a match I am sure no Indian wants to miss.

Thank God, the India-Pakistan match is on 15th and not on 14th February. Otherwise, don’t know how many promises could get called off! Jokes apart, and to miss an India-Pakistan match is something no one would want to commit such a crime, if I’m not exaggerating. Cricket is a religion in our country. And after the massive win in 2011, this time expectation has been increased to leaps and bounds and I just can’t wait for it.

Being a cricket enthusiast always, I made sure not to miss a single match before, even if I had to wake up early in the morning. The craziness is very common to all of us. Even now, I try to wrap up other works early to sit down and enjoy the matches. Sometimes I manage to do so, sometimes I cannot. I’ve noticed a strange kind of patriotism works within us when it comes to watching a match together and world cup is something really different to everyone.  We get united and become “Indians”. I still remember the last world cup when India won it was like a massive celebration in Kolkata. People were burning crackers firework was seen all over, peoples were dancing all around. I still remember the last ball of 2nd  April 2011. O! What a match.

Anyway, this year I’ve promised myself to catch at least some important matches with friends and family. I know it will be difficult to take out enough time to enjoy a whole match, but isn’t life is all about balancing and managing things? And what life are we living if we cannot take out a little time to enjoy the little happiness life offers us! The craziness is just about to begin. Gear up for the grand World Cup 2015! I wish India all the best and may the best win.

Love to all.

This & That…Random Words As It Came

They say, you can’t turn the wheel of time back. The moment you just spent right now, that is lost, gone forever. But I say, you can live the moments again if you have maintained a diary where you have put your heart out, noted down your little emotions and shared trivial joys of living. In fact, psychologists say maintaining a diary and writing your feelings can help your brain overcome emotional fluctuations and leave you feeling happier.

Blogs are the modern form of diaries. The urge of writing was there in my heart from the beginning. I used to maintain a diary from my teenage. Being an actor we go through so many emotions a day. Sometimes, one overlaps the other, mingles up and creates confusions. But when I sit and write them down, the riddles automatically get sorted or at least I get the way how to sort it out. Haphazard words, bad poetry, and nonsense lyrics actually works when it comes to uplift your mood or you are trying to figure things out within you.

Generally, women are more expressive. They can so easily put their feelings in words. Jotting down emotions is kind of stress buster for me. Reading books is also something I cherish. Whenever I manage to get a little time for myself, I sit down to read a few good books. Books are like the doors, the doors of wisdom, knowledge and fiction has always been my favourite.

We all need that little space for ourselves. We have to take out time to do something that adds value to our lives, something that enriches us as a human being. For me, it’s writing, scribbling, reading books, watching good movies. If all these fail to uplift my mood, I interact with my team mates. This interactive session we all really enjoy as there is a rule that we won’t talk about work. They are a happy lot giggling, laughing, pulling legs and they never fail to uplift my mood. I bless them with all my heart for being always there to support me like pillars.

Love you all