Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Image                                                                                           I sincerely believe this statement, and this is what keeps me going. Yesterday just after the pack up in Purulia for my new film Lorai, my journey to come back Kolkata started. I was a bit sad when I was coming from there and my team along with the director and co-stars are over there. But, as we all know that the show must go on. I have to come back to Kolkata for the Black Lady- Filmfare. As they say “At 60 she is making her debut in East” and so, it is our duty only to make her successful. Yesterday throughout my journey I was always thinking how to make her happy and how can we all make her the best like she is in Mumbai. 

As I am performing in Vivel Filmfare East, so my rehearsals are going on in full phase. In spite of returning at midnight yesterday, i will not miss today’s rehearsal and stage rehearsal. I am not at all a tired or upset, as this is what I can do the best. I have selected this to be my job and I am happy, and trust me never ever I have felt that this is tiring. If you are happy with your job, you will never feel that you are working. 

Now, about the performance, I am very hopeful that you all will like it and will enjoy it too. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and this is a very special performance that you can understand once you get to see it. The main event is tomorrow and before that I have to do so many other things. My son is here in Kolkata now, and after a long time I have got to spend some time with him. He was waiting for me to come, and was waiting to share lots of thing that happened in his hostel. I was eagerly waiting for him too. This time I actually got to spend a very little time with my Prince. Tomorrow only after the show I am going back to Purulia for the shoot. He will be there when i will come back again in the next month, but again we will get to spend very little time together. 

Now, I am going back to rehearsal. Hope you all are fine. Take care and Love you all.


The day starts with blessing

Image                                          “A well spent day brings happy sleep.”

This famous quote by Leonardo Da Vinci stood apt for me yesterday. The first day of Lorai shoot went very well along with other minor and major works. The day of Lorai itself started with the blessing of God, My Mother, all the elder ones and all of yours love. I am a firm believer in God, and every time on the very first day of my shoot, I visit temple and offer prayer to God. Same way, yesterday too, I started my day visiting temple and then my Lorai begins.

The team of Lorai achieved the blessings from the CM of West Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee tomorrow only before we roll the camera. With blessings and love from so many people on the very first day we all had a wonderful time on the floor. The shoot went smooth and fast without any hassle. The excellent bond between me and Param and also with all other technicians made it easily possible.

This is the first time I am working with Param, where he is the director, and it would not at all be an exaggeration if I say that he is really a terrific director- well managed, calculative, talented and organized. This not only made me happy, but also very much proud that the younger generation of this industry is capable enough to carry on the legacy.

Workout is something that can instantly make me happy. My friends and family say if I am in bad mood, then an instant workout can make me feel better. So, after the tiring day, just after the pack up I directly went to the gym to work out. After returning from gym I came to know from my production team that the recce for my next film Force went very well, and it is also moving smoothly and very fast with all positive aspect. I am thankful to God and everyone for bestowing me with blessings and love. The day ended well with a nice film that I watched and went to sleep as today I had an early call time.

Today also I till now spent a nice day on the floor, and now I am going to gym in between break. So will catch you all after sometime. Have a nice day. Take care and love you all. 

Welcome every morning with a smile

Very much excited and as well as very tensed for tomorrow. As we know that we have to welcome every morning with a smile, so that is my main aim right now. In spite of being tensed I will have a smiling face to defeat all the tensions and fear I have in my mind before I start shooting my new film from tomorrow.

Every time I have to face a question from millions of people that even after 30 years of my career how come I am still tensed and nervous on the first day and before release.  I just want to say that it is something that is really beyond my control. I really try a lot not to do so, but somehow it hovers throughout my mind. What I feel is that students give exams from the very beginning of their school life and it continues till their college, university life. The same thing is with me too. The first day of the shoot is just like the first day of an exam and the release day is the result day. I believe that I am still a student and there are lots of thing that I will have to learn. I am always adaptable to changes and eager to learn new things from everyone be it my elders or younger people.

Today I am trying to sleep a bit early and relax my mind so that I can start the new day with a BIG SMILE and I need your love and blessings. Take care you all. have a Good Night Sleep. Love You all. 

Lorai, Fight for Survival

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

The above quote by Charles Darwin instantly tickled my mind when Param first approached me with the script of Lorai, a story about a man who turned back and challenged all odds that his life has faced for the last 20 years just to make himself and his boys happy. Its about a man who in all his best possible ways managed the changes that his life has offered without denying.

Keeping that spirit and enthu in mind Lorai will start its journey from 14th March, 2014. Working with Param is always fun, and he is a younger brother to me. We have worked in many films not only regionally, but also in a national project together, and have shared a great chemistry. But, this is the first time that we are working as a Director-actor combo, and I am sure we will share the same chemistry here also. Undoubtedly he is a great director and very talented, and we all hope that together with the Lorai team we will definitely prove that.

The name of the film is very interesting. Lorai…I believe that every man in this world fights to live, not necessarily the fight becomes physical or verbal, but the struggle of each and every man in some way is a fight for the survival. The hardest challenge of life is to fight for survival and those who succeed are the winners. This is how the survival of the fittest emerged.

Back to shoot. Will catch you guys later. Take care. Love you all.

Back on screen after 12 long years

Image                                           At the very beginning I am really sorry for not being able to connect you all over the blog. I was unable to find any time. But, now as I got a bit time out of my schedule I thought of connecting you all and give you all some exciting news.

From day after tomorrow we are starting the shoot of our new film Lorai, and today we declared the launch of another new film Force. It is really very special to me for many reasons. I am again returning to the commercial film after  2 years. The last film was Bikram Singha. I am even more excited to the fact that this film is coming under the banner of my company nIdeas Creations and Productions pvt Ltd along with Essel Group. It is also very exciting that after 12 years Arpita and me are coming together in a film. This is really very exciting and a happy news for all of us.

From a long time I was planning to do Force, and finally it is happening. I am very happy that Raja Chanda is directing the film. He is undoubtedly a great director, and I have always wanted to work with him. So, when I approached him for the movie he readily agreed to it. Though I have never worked with Raja in any films but, this is not our first work. We have worked together for the recent Senco Commercial. He was the director of the ad.

The pre-production of the film is on full swing and we are very excited for it. The countdown has already started and we will start the shoot soon just after the shooting of Lorai gets over. Fingers crossed.

Hope you all are fine. Take care and love you all.