Lucky to play the both

It has been all yours love and the blessings of God, elder ones and my Maa that I actually did both Lalon Fakir and Antony Firingee. Gautam Ghosh and Srijit Mukherji, both of them believed in me and I truly believe that I did justice to both the characters. Both the characters have some historical values in terms of music. Be it Lalon Fakir in “Moner Manush” or Antony Firingee  in “Jaatishwar”, both have given me immense pleasure, wonderful experience and definitely it has left a remarkable mark in my film career.

What we made possible in “Jaatishwar” is that Antony Firingee actually met Lalon Fakir in the film which gave a great height all together. It is regardless to say that when these two people are coming together we could definitely expect some of the best songs.

Many people have already exclaimed the fact to me that the songs of “Jaatishwar” are intoxicating and mesmerizing. It is true that in real life Lalan Fakir being  an uneducated man composed such beautiful songs and that all people are humming. Lalan Fakir is more native, and he didn’t even get a chance to attend school, but when he composed the songs, then it became a huge hit which we all still use. Antony Firingee though is not uneducated, but being a Portuguese he composed such beautiful Bengali songs that they are unforgettable.

“Jaatishwar” is surely a very deep rooted film and hope you all will love it.  Rest you all decide. It’s releasing on 17th January, 2014 and I am sure you all will love it


First Blog Post for you all

Thought of launching my blog on this very day, as the festive mood is still on. We, the Bengalis definitely believe the fact that Durga Puja is the biggest and the most important celebration in Kolkata, but another most important and the biggest celebration of ours is the time period from 24th December to 1st January.  Though we are a Bengali from the very deep core of our heart but, during this time period automatically we start behaving like the Sahibs. Starting from the attire, behavior, food everything has a touch of Westernization. It may sound a bit funny, but I too start behaving like that during this time not only now but from my childhood.

When I was in my son’s age, then I used to make sure that every year during this time I should definitely have Pizzas, Pastas, Cakes and all other delicious things. Yeah, it is true that at that time the Pizzas and Pastas were not so popular like it is now a day. But, what is still there in my mind is that on 1st January, I used to go to Park Street Flurys with my dadu, dida and maa to have breakfast and then to Nahooms at New Market just to have the Brownies and varieties of cakes. I used to miss my baba a lot there as being a celebrity it was very difficult for him to visit such places. Now, the same thing happens with me too, but my son Mishuk’s enjoyment is not hampered for it. He visits the places with Arpita, his friends and my sister.

31st Night was always fun filled as we all used to visit my Mashi’s place as there she used to throw a gala party for us. It’s not only on 31st of December or on 1st of January, my celebration used to begin from 24th December itself. Roaming around in Park Street and Esplanade New Market was the most excitement.

These days I seriously miss that way of celebrating 31st December or 1st of January. Those fun filled days are missing now, but in recent times I celebrate it in another way with my family and close friends.  A huge gathering and having dinner together at home makes it very special on 31st December. This year my son Mishuk is also here so, it will definitely add some extra spark to the fun filled excitement. One thing that has remained the same till date from my childhood is that every year on 1st January I make it a point to visit temple and worship God over there. I do it every year without any failure.

When I was small, my Maa used to tell always that if I study on the first day of the year, then I will be able to study on the rest of the year and hence I will make a good result. I still believe that fact and keeping that in mind I work on 1st January every year so that I can work rest of the year. I don’t know whether it is a superstition or not, but I love to maintain it.

Anyways, wishing you all guys a very rocking New Year eve. Party hard and be safe. Take care. Love you all.